Quilled Swirls

Hi there!

Here’s a nice little throwback post for a laid back Sunday morning.

Quilling is something I have been doing for a while now and if you are a Quiller too, you surely must have heard about or seen the works of Manuela Koosch – an amazing Quiller who is inspired by nature.

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Quilled Christmas Tree


Project ArSa is back this time with a throwback post. As I was traveling and will be traveling again soon, Aarthi and I decided to show you all something that we had done together previously.

Two Christmas ago, as a part of the Paper Cutting group on Facebook, Agnisha Ghosh had given all the members of the group a template of Christmas tree to quill with. During that time, both (Aarthi and myself) were not doing justice to our creative juices. And to give it a start, we decided to do the quilling of the Christmas tree.

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Quilled Card – Congrats

Hey there,

It’s time to go back in time to see one of the other projects/activities I have done over the years – a nice flashback post. This one is a Quilled card done three years back (which I had totally forgot about – caught hold of it while trying to see what’s in the table drawer).

Husband was inspired to take up learning German after he met me. He decided to take the first level classes and exactly three years ago, he had his exams. He does get super tensed (with occasional irritation and silence intermittently) when exams are in the vicinity. And it continues till the results are out and he is satisfied with the scores.

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Quilled Hearts Mosaic


Good to see you all in yet another Project ArSa post. And this time it is back to quilling :).

You might have read my posts regarding my first and second anniversary gifts. For the third anniversary, I was thinking as to what I should do, when my friend Aarthi suggested that I convert my Valentine’s Day gift to my anniversary gift. The Valentine’s Day was a three heart mosaic type quilled piece. I liked her idea and decided to go for it (having another gift in mind for the V Day, which has not been started till date 😉 ).

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Valentine’s Day 2015


I am back after, what I feel is, eternity with a “Throwback Thursday” post being a nice opportunity to get back to the blogging world.

Valentine’s Day must bring loved experiences to many of you out there. I believe that every day is special and every moment is special, cherished and loved like there is no tomorrow. Never did I even think that this day would give me the joy that I have experienced in the recent past.  But I guess this day had to be special for me and for my better half.

Feb 14, 2015 was our first Valentine’s day after marriage and I thought that there should be something special done for him. I wasn’t sure what to do and was dabbling with many ideas. I was into quilling at that point in time and had also started doing a little bit of Zentangle and Zentangle inspired art. The first thought that came to mind while looking out was – I should combine the two forms in some way. How – was a question that needed an answer then.

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Vortex Coils

Hello there,

Nice to see you all again after a long time. Personal work and travel kept me a little away from my craft world. But I am back to it now with something nice that I have been trying over the last few days – Vortex Coils 🙂 Yes! I finally got the motivation to try my hands at it and it is love at first sight – to just keep rolling them, again and again and of course with different colours I would like to seem them in.

To go with a little theory behind this: in fluid dynamics, a vortex is a region in a fluid in which the flow is rotating around the axis line, which maybe straight or curved. To understand what this means and how vortex coils looks, I googled for images and found some, including the following, which made me understand why we do the vortex coils in quilling in that particular manner.

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Quilled Anniversary Gift

Hello all,

It is “Throwback Thrusday” time 🙂  And what better way to write about my first typography using quilling than TBT.

First anniversary is very special to every couple. A year of being together – laughing, smiling, crying, fighting and of course getting to know each other better. Mine was no different and we enjoyed every bit of the new life together.

Therefore a gift befitting our life together for the year and years to come was absolutely necessary. My hands were itching to do a typography in quilling and I decided that the anniversary gift would be the best for using that technique.

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