Quilled Christmas Tree


Project ArSa is back this time with a throwback post. As I was traveling and will be traveling again soon, Aarthi and I decided to show you all something that we had done together previously.

Two Christmas ago, as a part of the Paper Cutting group on Facebook, Agnisha Ghosh had given all the members of the group a template of Christmas tree to quill with. During that time, both (Aarthi and myself) were not doing justice to our creative juices. And to give it a start, we decided to do the quilling of the Christmas tree.

Template Courtesy Agnisha Ghosh

I decided to go for different colors of green for the tree in the design mentioned, not willing to change it in any which way. I had greens of 3 mm and 5 mm and decided to use them in tandem to get a better effect (not sure if I achieved it though 🙂 ).

I embossed the design on to a chart sheet rather than trace it. I did not want to leave out pencil marks in case my strips were slightly out of place. With the colors decided and the design in place, I completed the Christmas tree in no time. The pictures below show the work in progress.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I liked the outcome of it, but not sure if it was the same I was looking for.

You could also use the template to have a go at the design and do let me know how it went and post the pictures here!

See you all again in the next post. Until then, cheers!


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