Quilled Swirls

Hi there!

Here’s a nice little throwback post for a laid back Sunday morning.

Quilling is something I have been doing for a while now and if you are a Quiller too, you surely must have heard about or seen the works of Manuela Koosch – an amazing Quiller who is inspired by nature.

A year and a half ago, when I was browsing through her blog, I came upon this small project Quilled Blue Swirls. It looked simple and easy to do and I had been wanting to do something that is not typical quilling with strips of paper.

I searched for the picture used and had my canvas surface ready to be embossed. Meanwhile, I cut wine coloured chart sheet into strips of 7 mm width and roughly 30 cm in length to use for the project.

Courtesy Google

Once the design was embossed on the canvas board, I set about measuring, cutting and gluing the strips of paper on to the board according to the design. I missed out the lines in some places, most of which I could correct while some can still be seen 🙂

It took me a while to complete it as I had to travel quite a bit. Nevertheless, it was good experience getting to do it. And it was also the first time I hand cut the strips that were to be used (I generally go for pre-cut strips for my quilling projects).

WIP #01
WIP #02
Completed #01
Side View
Completed #02
Completed #03

See you soon, until then cheers!


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