Quilled Card – Congrats

Hey there,

It’s time to go back in time to see one of the other projects/activities I have done over the years – a nice flashback post. This one is a Quilled card done three years back (which I had totally forgot about – caught hold of it while trying to see what’s in the table drawer).

Husband was inspired to take up learning German after he met me. He decided to take the first level classes and exactly three years ago, he had his exams. He does get super tensed (with occasional irritation and silence intermittently) when exams are in the vicinity. And it continues till the results are out and he is satisfied with the scores.

To cheer him up, I decided to make a congratulatory card for him. As I was short of chart paper, I decided to go with an old wedding invite and do a typography (technically this is the first typography project I had done!!). I got the lettering and drawing done and used 3 mm width Quilling strips for this. The pictures that follow show the progress of the work.

WIP 01
WIP 02
WIP 03
WIP 04
Completed Card 01
Completed Card 02

As this was my first typography, I learnt quite a few things in this.

  • the thickness of the Quilling strip does matter – the thicker the strip the better are the chances of it standing on its side when glued
  • minimize the usage of glue while sticking the strips because the excess glue shows out horribly from the corners of the strips
  • there will be times when the design and implementation will have a mismatch and we have to evolve them as we go

At the end, husband scored well in the exams and was equally elated to receive the card in the evening!

See you all again in the next post. Until then cheers!




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