Inktober 2017

Hello there,

I am back!!! A good two month break for festivities and quality family time – a refreshing one indeed. And what better way to be back than take up the INKTOBER challenge.

Yes! I am joining the bandwagon for the INKTOBER 2017 challenge set up by Jake Parker. Got to know of the challenge just a few days ago and decided to take it up in order to brush off the laziness and hangover of the break and get back to drawing. And the other part of the challenge is that I have not drawn with ink as yet and this would be my first time with it. Excited!

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Valentine’s Day 2015


I am back after, what I feel is, eternity with a “Throwback Thursday” post being a nice opportunity to get back to the blogging world.

Valentine’s Day must bring loved experiences to many of you out there. I believe that every day is special and every moment is special, cherished and loved like there is no tomorrow. Never did I even think that this day would give me the joy that I have experienced in the recent past.  But I guess this day had to be special for me and for my better half.

Feb 14, 2015 was our first Valentine’s day after marriage and I thought that there should be something special done for him. I wasn’t sure what to do and was dabbling with many ideas. I was into quilling at that point in time and had also started doing a little bit of Zentangle and Zentangle inspired art. The first thought that came to mind while looking out was – I should combine the two forms in some way. How – was a question that needed an answer then.

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