Butterfly Paper Embroidery

Hello there,

Project ArSa with Aarthi is back this week with a nice little paper embroidered card. It had been a long time since I had done one (that was almost 4 years ago) and Aarthi too had not tried her hands at this. Hence we took this one up as the activity of the week.

In my previous post on Paper Embroidery, I have provided a link from where I taught myself this craft form. I was hunting for a nice picture to embroider, when we decided to take up the butterfly design from the same tutorial.

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Paper Embroidery

Hello hello,

I am back with a completely different (from my regular ones) art/craft form – Embroidery! I have been fascinated by embroidery since my childhood. I have seen them, most of which were handmade by my grand mother, on the many pillow covers around the house .

In school, I got to dabble with embroidery during the art class and finally embroidered a pillow cover all by myself. I lost interest in it as I progressed through the higher grades at school with subjects taking the precedence and importance over arts and crafts. And so embroidery slowly faded out of my mind.

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