Infill Paper Cut


We are a little late this week due to our personal commitments. It is better late than never! So here goes ArSa’s activity of the week.

Aarthi and I seem to love our paper cuts so much, that we are back again with a paper cut, but with a slight improvement (I should say!?! 😉 ) – paper cut with infills.

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Michael Jackson Paper Cut

Hey there,

I and Aarthi seem to love paper cuts 😉 (reason being she is having a mini vacation for Ramadaan and would not be able to get a new activity done). And hence this week’s activity for Project ArSa is yet again a paper cut.

Never asked if she is a fan of MJ, but she did design a nice Michael Jackson paper cut a year or two ago. Though it was given to me for a test cut at that time, I could not do it and she had gone ahead with the main paper cut.  We decided to go ahead with it as I had time for it now and she, as said, is vacationing 😉

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Elephant Half Tone Paper Cut

Hello there,

Project ArSa is picking up and I am back again with my favourite paper cut – the half tone.

It was more than one and a half years since I had done the last half tone cut and was wondering what and when next would I do it. Project ArSa paved the way for it and I decided to take up designing one for us.

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Second Anniversary Gift

Hello all,

Good to see you all again in yet another paper cut art post. This one is the most special among all the paper cuts that I have done so far.

Like I had said in one of my earlier post, half tone paper cuts were something I had been dying to do since I got to know of them. While I was doing some small designs and trials of the same, our second wedding anniversary was fast approaching and left me thinking as to what I would do this year. Paper cuts being the art form that I was doing then, I decided to do a half tone paper cut of ours.

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Kuwait Skyline Paper Cut

Hello all,

Am back with yet another paper cut related post. This time for Project ArSa. This is the second activity of our project and a simple one just yet.

I love skylines of various mega cities/metros. But the one I love the most is the New York skyline (would love to do a nice paper cut of it some day). One of Aarthi‘s friend was to relocate to India from Kuwait and she wanted to present her with a memorable gift for the times spent together in Kuwait. She came up with a Kuwait Skyline idea and decided to do a paper cut of the same.

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Hearts Themed Paper Cut

Hello all,

Hope everyone is having a great summer. With activities for everyone around, I and my friend, Aarthi (do check her blog) have decided to go in for a series of activities, pertaining to arts and crafts, for ourselves over the next few months. It would be a weekly venture and would include various art forms which she/I/both haven’t taken up/tried.

This is something close to us. Living in different countries and not being able to get together to have our own arts and crafts venture, I guess this is the closest we could get as of now. It feels like a good start and I sure am looking forward for every moment of it. And so, then came the urge to have a name for this pet project of ours. We have called it – Project ArSa (with #projectArSa going with all the posts related to it).

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Valentines Day 2016

Hallo again,

This happens to be one of the long pending posts that needed to be penned down.

2015 Valentines was a nice surprise for the Husband. He was very impressed and quite amused. I wanted to do the same for 2016 too. Quilling was not an option as I wasn’t keen with the repetitive form. It was that time of my life where Paper Cut art form was my love (not first though 😉 )  and so decided to go with it.

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