Nautilus Shell – Origami

Hello there,

This week Project ArSa is back on track with our Wednesday posts and with my new found love for Origami 🙂 .

The last Origami which we had done, Kusudama Flower, was modular (where many similar shaped paper models are combined together to form a single model). I was looking out for doing something with just a single sheet of paper. Aarthi’s attempt at the Nautilus Shell origami struck me amidst my travel packing and we decided to go ahead with it (for the lack of time to do anything new).

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Kusudama Flower – Origami

Hi there,

We are back with a nice and simple activity this week – Origami. Project ArSa is slowly but nicely shaping up and we had to start doing different things. And so, Aarthi and I decided to go with the Kusudama Flower for this week.

Origami to me was paper boats and planes during my childhood. Beyond that I never explored the art of paper folding, though it looked very interesting whenever I saw it (I guess it was my sheer laziness to cut a paper into square and proceed 😀 ) Later there was something I did in Origami (I faintly remember doing it) but have no clue about it. And then it was lost. On the contrary, Aarthi loves it and I remember her fiddling with paper during college 😉

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