Inktober 2017

Hello there,

I am back!!! A good two month break for festivities and quality family time – a refreshing one indeed. And what better way to be back than take up the INKTOBER challenge.

Yes! I am joining the bandwagon for the INKTOBER 2017 challenge set up by Jake Parker. Got to know of the challenge just a few days ago and decided to take it up in order to brush off the laziness and hangover of the break and get back to drawing. And the other part of the challenge is that I have not drawn with ink as yet and this would be my first time with it. Excited!

For those of you who are new to InkTober (just like I am) here is a gist of it. Mr. Jake Parker, an artist based out of Utah, set up the InkTober Challenge, for the entire month of October, for himself, way back in 2009 in order to have a positive drawing habit and hone his drawing skills. This challenge caught up with other artists and amateurs across the world. Last year, he started giving out prompts for each day of October, thereby easing our effort to think of a topic to draw each day.  The participants draw with the help of the prompt and post their drawings on social media with #inktober.

The official prompt list for this year, 2017, is below.

INKTOBER 2017 prompts written down in my sketchbook

Zentangle Art is something that I want to get into but haven’t ventured out yet. In one of the Zentangle groups on Facebook, I came across a prompts list for InktoberTangles 2017 – the Zentangle version of the Inktober 2017 challenge. And the over enthusiastic me has decided to go with the InktoberTangles challenge too.

The prompt list for InktoberTangle 2017 given by Stephanie Jennifer, CZT 21, is below.

INKTOBERTANGLES 2017 prompts written down in my sketchbook

As I am using the drawing ink for the first time, decided to use it along with my other black ink pens. Here are the materials I would be using the entire month for the InkTober 2017 challenges.

Tools for the INKTOBER 2017 Challenges

And for this, I would not be leaving my friend, Aarthi, far behind. I have roped her in too for both the challenges with the sole purpose of motivating each other to get into the daily drawing habit. We also plan to blog our weekly updates on how the challenges are going ahead. In the meanwhile, you can follow me on Instagram to understand the progress.

See you soon with an update post. Until then cheers!


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