Nautilus Shell – Origami

Hello there,

This week Project ArSa is back on track with our Wednesday posts and with my new found love for Origami 🙂 .

The last Origami which we had done, Kusudama Flower, was modular (where many similar shaped paper models are combined together to form a single model). I was looking out for doing something with just a single sheet of paper. Aarthi’s attempt at the Nautilus Shell origami struck me amidst my travel packing and we decided to go ahead with it (for the lack of time to do anything new).

A little about the Nautilus and the shell. Nautilus comes from the same family as Octopus and Squid and can have up to 90 tentacles. The shell is large snail-like coiled upwards and lined internally with mother-of-pearl. It follows a specific geometric pattern of growth, which is the Fibonacci Series. The details for the same are here. I also found a nice video on YouTube, showing the insides of the shell.

With this background, I started hunting for a video which would teach me to make the Origami version of the shell. I found one by Sara Adams of The step by step video of how to do Nautilus Shell Origami (designed by Tomoko Fuse) was the one I needed. I glanced through the video once and started my attempt on doing it.

As Aarthi said after my trial model was done, I wasn’t sure why the many folds were present and how the mountain and the valley folds would help me with the modeling. I can not say I was miserable, but the first attempt could have been better if I had followed the instructions to the T.

First Attempt

I decided to go ahead with one more piece and wanted to do it as accurately as possible. The following pictures show the work in progress.

WIP – The Front
WIP – The Back
WIP – The Inside
Completed Nautilus Shell

The model came out as expected and I was at ease (I did not have the bandwidth to do it once again because of my travel plans).

Origami is fun. I wonder why I had not taken a liking to it previously. Guess it’s the lack of actually doing it.

See you all soon with a nice post. Until then cheers!

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