Infill Paper Cut


We are a little late this week due to our personal commitments. It is better late than never! So here goes ArSa’s activity of the week.

Aarthi and I seem to love our paper cuts so much, that we are back again with a paper cut, but with a slight improvement (I should say!?! 😉 ) – paper cut with infills.

Infill method (paper cut with a coloured backing to give it a better effect) is something both of us have been yearning to do. We had a scenery kind of thought for the design but decided to go with something simple for starters and finally came to the decision of making a bookmark. We had our inspiration and tutorial from the instructables website (you should go check it out if you haven’t yet done so! so many crafts to learn and ideas to get inspired from!)

Aarthi got the design and I had the test cut of the design done. Once both of us were fine with it, we got it scanned and proceeded with the main bookmark paper cut.

Two Parts of the bookmark

As the tutorial shows, the infills are normally colored strips of paper shaped to desire and stuck. I had the initial plans of following the same, but the lack of colored sheets at home made me choose the next option – hand painted paper for the desired shapes. Though we were running late on our activity, I decided to go ahead with painting the shapes. I had to give two coats of paint on each side to get the solid color I was looking for.

Painted Infills

The sticking of the painted pieces to the paper cut was the next step. It had to be done with precision without anything peeping out unnecessarily. Finally the two paper cuts were stuck to each other to form the bookmark (following pictures show the progress).

WIP #01
WIP #02
Completed Bookmark

Simple and neat! But somewhere down the line, I feel I am not really doing justice to the paper cut art. My cutting technique still needs a lot of improvement.

See you all soon. Until then cheers!

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