Kusudama Flower – Origami

Hi there,

We are back with a nice and simple activity this week – Origami. Project ArSa is slowly but nicely shaping up and we had to start doing different things. And so, Aarthi and I decided to go with the Kusudama Flower for this week.

Origami to me was paper boats and planes during my childhood. Beyond that I never explored the art of paper folding, though it looked very interesting whenever I saw it (I guess it was my sheer laziness to cut a paper into square and proceed 😀 ) Later there was something I did in Origami (I faintly remember doing it) but have no clue about it. And then it was lost. On the contrary, Aarthi loves it and I remember her fiddling with paper during college 😉

I had seen many pictures of Kusudama Flower but had never got to doing it. So my first step was to go and hunt for a tutorial on YouTube. And this is what I got. Simple and step by step instructions at a pace one can do in parallel, is what made me go to this tutorial again.

I decided to go in for a trial before going for the main flower, just so to get a hang of the folds. And that was a good decision. I finished up the first petal in a hurry and sent a picture to Aarthi, who found the petal to be different. Upon rechecking the video and my petal, I realised the mistake 😉

The mistake

I continued with making the petals for the trial and made the Kusudama Flower, incorporating the ‘wrongly done’ petal too 😉 .

After this I went ahead with the making of the flower for the project, for which I chose a red sheet of paper. I cut the paper into 10 cm x 10 cm sheets and used them for the petals.

Kusudama Flower

It was a nice experience after ages. Should try doing it more often and also try out the various types of origami.

See you soon in the next post. Until then cheers!


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