Butterfly Paper Embroidery

Hello there,

Project ArSa with Aarthi is back this week with a nice little paper embroidered card. It had been a long time since I had done one (that was almost 4 years ago) and Aarthi too had not tried her hands at this. Hence we took this one up as the activity of the week.

In my previous post on Paper Embroidery, I have provided a link from where I taught myself this craft form. I was hunting for a nice picture to embroider, when we decided to take up the butterfly design from the same tutorial.

As before, I took out an old wedding invite and cut it to the required size, had the design pricked on to the card using the printed sheet from the tutorial and then set about choosing the colors for the butterfly. With just a few colours of the threads with me, I decided to go in for a dual colored thread – red with maroon – for the wings, yellow for the body and brown for the antennae and the border of the wings with a hint of light green. The pictures below show the progress of the work.

WIP 01 Design Courtesy: Stitching Cards
WIP 02
WIP 03
Completed Embroidered Card

The outcome was much better than I had expected it to be. The colours actually blend together very well.

The whole process of Paper Embroidery feels very meditative. With repeated steps to perform, it is very calming to the mind.

So then, see you all with something new in the next post. Until then cheers!



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