Paper Embroidery

Hello hello,

I am back with a completely different (from my regular ones) art/craft form – Embroidery! I have been fascinated by embroidery since my childhood. I have seen them, most of which were handmade by my grand mother, on the many pillow covers around the house .

In school, I got to dabble with embroidery during the art class and finally embroidered a pillow cover all by myself. I lost interest in it as I progressed through the higher grades at school with subjects taking the precedence and importance over arts and crafts. And so embroidery slowly faded out of my mind.

After I quit my job, I started working with paints again doing reverse glass painting, coffee painting et al. and somewhere down the line, something reminded me of embroidery (I still fail to remember what that incident, or maybe a memory, was).

The first thought that came to me was to try and get the embroidery done on paper (yet again I wonder what made me think of that option). And so, I enrolled in an embroidery class and learnt various, if not all, stitches. Many were tough at the first go, but gradually learnt them.

After my classes, when I googled for “Paper Embroidery”, I realized that the craft form is not relatively new and there were many craftswomen who have done it. Though disappointed, I decided to venture on that path as it was something new to me at that point in time. I joined the Facebook group for Paper Embroiders and understood how it is done through the various completed designs they posted.

I decided to try my hand at one. Using an old wedding invite (as I needed a thick piece of paper), I cut a small square. I tried to embroider a circle using an online tutorial (do not have the exact link to it, but if needed this, which has the basic tutorial of paper embroidery, can be explored) and loved the outcome of it.

Paper Embroidered Circle

With the same enthusiasm, I decided to go on to a bigger design and rummaged through my mom’s tracing sheets to find a simple design. Once again, I used an old wedding invite to get the design on and completed the embroidery within two days (interspersed with my language classes).

Paper Embroidered Snail

And this was more than three years ago. Times flies? 😀 I have been procrastinating doing further embroidered cards, though I have the designs, threads and also spare chart papers. High time I do some and maybe send them over for various occasions 🙂

Scanning through a few sites, got few designs/prints that can be used for paper embroidery.

Do try and let me know how your tryst with paper embroidery was.

See you all again with a brand new post. Until then cheers!


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