First visit to Michael’s

Hey there,

Nice to interact with you all again with a happy post.

In the city I reside, finding a decent arts and crafts shop with everything related to art and craft under one roof is next to impossible. Like I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I am on travel and this has come as a boon in disguise for me.

Most arts and crafts lovers in the US might know Michaels. I got to know about the store from my ex-painting teacher who shops at Michaels for her paints. So when the travel to the USA was getting finalized, the one thing I knew for sure was to visit the store. I checked out for the nearest store (from where I stay) and made a note of all things that I would love to buy there. Unfortunately, they did not have any quilling supplies, but that did not deter me from making the list 😀

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Paper Cut Art

Hello there,

Back with a “Throwback Thursday” post. There are many art/craft forms that I have done previously, but this particular art form is my current love and, I am sure, will be for quite some time – all thanks to the versatility of the art form (all art forms have their versatility but I am biased towards this 😉 )

Paper cut art – my love for this began almost two years ago when I chanced upon the Facebook page of Paper Panda. The designs were cute and the detailing was intricate. And I wondered how to lay my hands on the PP starter kit (Indian Rupee to UK Pound/Euro conversion rates are quite steep). I was on a constant look out for updates on the page and tracked it with utmost reverence.

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Vortex Coils

Hello there,

Nice to see you all again after a long time. Personal work and travel kept me a little away from my craft world. But I am back to it now with something nice that I have been trying over the last few days – Vortex Coils 🙂 Yes! I finally got the motivation to try my hands at it and it is love at first sight – to just keep rolling them, again and again and of course with different colours I would like to seem them in.

To go with a little theory behind this: in fluid dynamics, a vortex is a region in a fluid in which the flow is rotating around the axis line, which maybe straight or curved. To understand what this means and how vortex coils looks, I googled for images and found some, including the following, which made me understand why we do the vortex coils in quilling in that particular manner.

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